Lysis Net Fuel Consumption Computer & Data logger

files/img/hardware/verprauchsmessung.jpgThe Lysis Net Fuel Consumption System is designed to provide accurate and reliable flow measurement of diesel fuel. The typical system consists of two flowmeters, two temperature compensated sensors, as well as indicator and data logger to provide net rate and total.

The available flowmeter sizes are consistent with the ranges needed to provide flow measurement for most diesel engines. Specialized internal geometry allows fuel flow to continue, even if the flowmeter is jammed by debris in the fuel supply.


Measuring Principle: Turbine Flowmeter – FT Series
Sizes: ¼“ to 2“ G
Flow Ranges 0.1 to 500 LPM (0.026 to 133 GPM)
Repeatability: ±0.05%
Accuracy: Up to ±0.1%