TriClick-QV – Next Generation Quick-Connect Gas Mixing System


Developed for gas mixing applications where multiple Thermal Mass Flowmeters or Controllers are required. Building upon the experience of TrigasFI and Azbil Yamatake in Burner Air/Fuel Mix Control, the next-generation TriClick Q-V Cartridge System is now available. It is an elegant and efficient solution, allowing installation or removal of flowmeters literally in seconds.

The TriClick Q-V cartridge uses a vice-action principle to allow 2 or 3 mixing channels (flow controllers) per cartridge to be installed and positively sealed in place. Cartridges can be manifolded together to form assemblies consisting of a virtually unlimited number of gas mixing channels. The positive sealing action of the vice principle, combined with built-in check valves and flame arrestors, ensures optimal security.


Measuring Principle: Thermal Mass, MEMS Sensor
Sizes: ¼“ and ½“
Flow Ranges: 0.1 nml/min to 500 nl/min
Accuracy: +/- 0.25% FS / 0.5% FS
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Pressure Resistance: Up to 10 Bar