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Headquarters and Flow Calibration Laboratories

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TrigasFI laboratories are easy to find, only 10 minutes away from Munich airport.

Reach us by car from Autobahn 9 and 92, or Landstrasse 301.  Simply take the Neufahrn exit.

Public transportation connections are also very convenient, with S-Bahn train or bus.

TrigasFI GmbH

Erdinger Str. 2b
D – 85375 Neufahrn
Tel. : +49 8165 6472 0
Fax : +49 8165 6472 29

Find the contact person for your region:

Click on your region to find your TrigasFI area manager or distributor. Or just give our application engineers a call.

We are looking for new representatives for our products and services.   Consequently, if your company is active in regions which are not yet covered, please contact our export manager.

Kontakt Rudolf Spanner, Export Manager bei TrigasFI

Rudolf Spanner


Phone: +49-8165-6472 0

China: Tim Yu

Chongqing Testing Sci.&Tech

Phone: +86 (0) 133 68302355

Kontakt Santiago Fondevila, Rosetta, für TrigasFI Produkte und Services

Santiago Fondevila

Rosetta Technology Solutions

Phone: +34-685-535906

Kontakt Andreas Huis, Außendienstmitarbeiter bei TrigasFI

Andreas Huis

Sales Manager, Germany areas: 0,80-87,9 + Austria

Phone: +49-172-4883330

Kontakt Etienne Chipon, Alto, für TrigasFI Produkte und Services

Etienne Chipon

Alto Instruments

Phone: +33 1439794 69

Kontakt Anton Larsson, Amtele für TrigasFI Produkte und Services

Anton Larsson


Phone: +46 8 556 466 15

Kontakt Tomas Lager, Amtele, für TrigasFI Produkte und Services

Tomas Lager


Phone: +46 8 556 466 03

Kontakt Ferhat Tastan, Außendienstmitarbeiter TrigasFI

Ferhat Tastan

Sales Manager Germany areas: 1, 2, 3, 4, 50-52, 57-59

Phone: +49-162-3256278

Kontakt Michael Putz, Applikationsingenieur bei TrigasFI

Michael Putz

Technical Support Backoffice

Phone: +49-8165-6472-24

Contact the Trigas Sales Office:

Our technical specialists, application engineers and friendly sales administrators are always available.  Call them to discuss your questions and projects with them. Let us know what we can do for you!

Our opening hours are:

Monday – Thursday   08:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Friday                           08:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Contact Ludwig Huber, Manager Sales Department TrigasFI

Ludwig Huber

Head of Sales & Marketing


+49-8165 6472-0

Kontakt Michael Putz, Applikationsingenieur bei TrigasFI

Michael Putz

Technical Sales


Tel.: +49-8165 6472-24

Kontakt Marion Arneth, Backoffice bei TrigasFI

Marion Arneth

Sales Assistant


Tel.: +49-8165 6472-18

Kontakt Sebastian Rose, Backoffice bei TrigasFI

Sebastian Rose

Sales Assistant


Tel.: +49-8165 6472-0

Kontakt Ela Petcu, Applikationsingenieur bei TrigasFI

Ela Petcu

Technical Sales Export


Tel.: +49-8165 6472-271