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Forms to save time and questions

Here you find the necessary forms to specify a calibration details for your flowmeter.  We ask you kindly to enclose the applicable calibration specification form to your parcel. It will save valuable time and avoid unnecessary questions, resulting in more efficient processing.

Forms for Security of employees and instruments

We also ask you kindly to enclose the decontamination declaration of the goods into each shipment. In this way you help us to protect the safety and health of our employees. You also protect our instruments and calibrators from damage.

After all, you know best where your devices were used. Accordingly, you can decide best how to clean and decontaminate them. That means that with your help, we can start working without any delay. Accordingly, you will get your devices back faster.

For this reason, you contribute to more efficient processing and faster turnaround time!

Request Form

Inquiry form Calibrations

Inquiry form On-Site Calibrations

Decontamination form

Additional Tools for you

In the FlowHow area you will find useful tools for flow measurement technology. For example, they make your work easier by simply converting volumetric flow units or mass flow units. Or they can help you convert flow velocities. Use these tools to evaluate or design a flow meter or to determine the calibration range.

Downloads with addtional Knowhow 

We also provide interesting specialist articles on flow measurement technology and calibration. Most of this information arises from experiences in our laboratory. We want everyone who works with flow measurements in everyday life to benefit of this knowledge. The subjects deal with many questions regarding the optimization of measuring devices and the calculation of uncertainties. We are concerned with these issues in our laboratory every day. In addition, they also help to assess the condition of measuring devices and to understand the background of the flow calibration.

Have a look at our FlowHow pages.