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FlowHow – Knowledge and useful tools for flow measurement technology

FlowHow is the knowledge database, offered for our valued customers. At TrigasFI, every year we calibrate, adjust and repair thousands of flow meters. As a result of this experience we have gained valuable knowledge.  Both about the strengths and weaknesses of the various flow measuring principles.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you.  And also present you with some useful tools.  In the FlowHow section you can tap into the expert knowledge of an accredited flow calibration laboratory.  Also, learn the “secrets” of flow from the experts.  The same ones that develop precision flow measurement and calibration technology.

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Technical articles about flow measurement and calibration:

Calibration with 0.00% deviation? - Too good to be true!

Is a calibration report a reliable statement about the accuracy of measuring instruments? - Ideally the answer to this question answered should be a clear ``Yes, of course!``. After all, this is the reason you calibrate your flow meters! Read from the experience gained in the daily operation of an accredited calibration laboratory. It will likely give you food for thought.

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The basics of UVC calibration

Like any other measuring device, a turbine flow meter is influenced by external factors. In addition to flow rate, also by viscosity as well as density of the medium.

The article contains a brief technical explanation of the effects temperature and viscosity. Also a description of the UVC method which is used to compensate for them.

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How much do you trust the published specifications of flow meters?

Flow meters selection is often based on the manufacturer's published specifications. Later, during actual operation, users are often disappointed with the measurement results. Because they appear to be outside the promised specifications. What is the reason for that? Do suppliers make false statements?

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How often should flow meters be re-calibrated?

This question is often asked of the flow specialists at TrigasFI. And rightly so. Because in this age of ISO 9000 quality requirements, it is important that all measurements are not only accurate, but also reliable.

Can there be any general guidelines for this? How can you deal with it as a user?

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Why does the accuracy of my measuring instrument deteriorate over time?

Time plays a big role in the accuracy of flow meters. All flow meters tend to drift gradually over time. As a result they may have an undetected but significant influence in your process. Even if no damage at the instrument is visible. What are the causes and how can you counter them?

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Highly accurate measurements with flow studies from TrigasFI

Irregular flow profiles due to elbows affect performance. Also obstacles or other disturbances in the flow path often cause significant measurement shifts. In these cases, the generally optimistic manufacturer's installation recommendation may not be sufficient. How can customized calibration help achieve accurate measurement values?

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