high pressure calibration

up to 300 bar

High Pressure Gas Calibration up to 300 bar

Many low-density gas measurement systems have a high pressure drop across the system once the full measurement range is to be covered. In order to test the accuracy and repeatability of instruments, it is advantageous that the testing takes place under higher pressures than usually available. To ensure optimal gas calibration conditions, we have expanded our laboratory with a modern high-pressure air supply so that measurements can carried out at pressures of up to 300 bar at the unit under test.

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters:
The measuring signal of Coriolis flowmeters comes from the deflection of oscillating measuring loops by the Coriolis force. However, this deflection requires a minimum density of the fluid. For gases with low inlet pressure, this limit is quickly reached. The measuring signal is weak and the measuring span is small – thus a gas calibration of Coriolis meters is usually only possible to a very limited extent. TrigasFI has the only high pressure gas calibration facility in the German speaking area. This enables calibration over larger measuring spans, which is required for some custody transfer applications.

Measuring turbines for gases:
Air under low and high pressure drives the turbine wheel differently due to the different density of the gas. With our calibration equipment we can measure different densities at the same flow velocity and operating volume at the unit under test.

Ultrasonic flowmeters for gas:
The gas density also has a considerable influence on ultrasonic measurement and thus on the accuracy in ultrasonic flowmeters.

The list extends to most types of gas measuring instruments::

  • Vortex and swirl flowmeters
  • Orifice and differential pressure flowmeters
  • Laminar flow elements
  • Roots, piston and rotary gas meters
  • and others


The measurement results are traceable to national standards within the scope of our accreditation according to ISO 17025. On request, we can also carry out the measurements together with the responsible calibration authorities or the conformity assessment body.


We use a highly accurate reference system on the basis of sonic nozzles for our high pressure calibrations.

  • Calibration gas: air
  • Range from 10 up to 20000 Nl/min
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.27%
  • Pressure at the unit under test during calibration up to 300 bar