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Flow Seminar 2023

Scheduled Seminar Dates

19th – 21st of  September 2023 (in englisch)

26th – 28th of September 2023 (in german)


Measuring principles of flow meters for liquids and gases.  Accuracy, performance, calibration techniques and procedures.

Featuring a networking event: Lunch at the Munich Oktoberfest.


Advanced Flow Measurement and Uncertainty

At TrigasFI, every year we calibrate, adjust and repair thousands of flow meters. Through this experience we have gained intimate knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the various flow measuring principles. We love to share this knowledge with our customers – please contact us for custom trainings and seminars.

The material presented is based on more than 30 years experience in the operation of gas and liquid flow calibration facilities and other published research.  For instance, companies that have benefited from our training seminars include:

Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, MTU, Rolls-Royce, Petronas, Bosch Rexroth, Lufthansa, and many more.